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The purpose of this project is to give a voice to trees. This is not strange or unlikely, if we consider that the idea that plants have legal status , a legal personality and ultimately the right to speak, is becoming more and more prevalent in the constitutional laws of most nations.

Cahste tree

Small deciduous shrub, 1 to 5 meters high, up to 10 meters in some cases, with a strong resinous aromatic odor. It has an erect habit with flexible stems branched from the base, and vigorous shoots. The bark is gray-brown, exfoliating longitudinally. Young branches are subquadrangular with recurved prickles.


Small tree or shrub, up to 10 metres in height. It is an evergreen, with dense, pyramidal crown. The trunk is erect, smooth, sinuous and strongly branched.  Young bark is green,  mature bark blackish or brown; The wood is yellow, with erect, thick branches. The leaves, up to 20 cm long,   are leathery, persistent, aromatic. The position is alternate, rarely opposite or verticillate; they have a glossy dark green upper side, the lower one paler opaque green.

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